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POP IDOL 2 BABE!!!!!!!

Vote for this SEXY LADY!!!!!

Dont you agree lads this is one hot woman
Remeber this face
extreme close up

Remember this face! Her name is nadine she is soon going to be famous yes famous. Reluctantly nadine here has accepted her offer to go and sing in the latest series of pop idol. so keep an eye on the tv coz she could be the next singer ya kids want to be or have her cd's, ya might even her people in school/collage/uni singing one of her songs, or better still ya mum or dad dancing away to her! so please vote for her if you get the chance if ya aint doing it for her do it for me she is a great role model. And if i ask her nicly she might let update this page on her progress and then u will know where she stands before any one else!

This is a sample of her singing so take time out to listen please!!!

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