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Skyline R34
Pure american beef at 1g
Max motors cream of the crop!!!
Lynne this is for you!!!!
POP IDOL 2 BABE!!!!!!!
Faster than sound
Bandit Special!!!!
Special tribute!!! take a look!
Special tribute!!! take a look!

This is a special section dedicated to the motorcycle riders who have died and who have left their familys behind because of what they loved doing! so please take a moment to look through these and pay your respects thanks!


The guy above to us was the greatest road racer to ever grace the sceen. He was born in ireland on the 20th Febuary 1952. JD was adored by many hated by none! fans loved him and so did all the other racers.He is know as king of the moutain as 26 time isle of man TT winner he is still the record holder.In his memory they have built a statue of him. And no matter what when this guy was number 1 he allways stuck with his number 3 plate. They were ment to be retiring this number from the TT but this year the number 3 plate was out and on the bike of adrian achabold, Which to us aint right so please you guys retire the number 3 and let us remeber that number as Joey Dunlops and forever let it live in our memories!


Joey Dunlop and his famous number 3 plate and yellow helmet!


This is a pic of David Jefferies who was born in yorkshire. This year in the tt this brave man was killed 4.2miles in to his second practise lap, it is clamied the his bike hit some oil off another bike which sent his TAS suzuki gsxr1000 in a brick wall at 160mph! He died instantly but through the force of the crash his bike broke away and bounce across the road into a telegraph pole which snaped it in half just as that happened another rider Jim Moody came round the corner, And due to the telegraph pole fallin Jim got caught up in the wires which caught him round the neck! Jim was taken to hospital with brething difficulities and was discharged the same day! Had he bin going any faster he surly would have been decapitated but luckly he slowed down to 60mph due to the marshalls flag.But Jim battled on was racing again the NEXT DAY! good on ya lad!

 So here at maxmotors have decided to publish this special page to them and all the other riders that have died so that they live forever in our memories. And our hearts go out to all their familiys that they have left behind, And here we say sorry. 

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